Cartographic Materials Guidelines

The library purchases maps, atlases, charts, and other cartographic material to be housed in three locations. The following guidelines will be observed in the consideration of purchases of cartographic material for each location:

  1. Map Collection (Government Documents): all physical formats folded or rolled maps (serial charts, hydrographic charts, photomaps, remote sensing images, topographic prints) are collected; maps in series are not cataloged; atlases and other non-serial items are cataloged.  U.S. Geological Survey map series (some of which are uncataloged): Antarctic Research Program; Coal Investigations; Geologic Quadrangle; geophysical Investigations; Hydrologic Unit; Hydrological Investigations; Oil and Gas Investigations; Tennessee; Geological Quadrangle; Topographic Quadrangle (Ala., Ark., Kty.,Mo., Tenn., and scattered other states); and Water Resources Investigations.
  2. Special Collections: primarily maps of historical or regional interest, either flat or folded; maps are cataloged.
  3. Main Library Reference Department: atlases of general interest to support the Reference Collection; all atlases are cataloged. All requests for cartographic material and the subsequent purchase orders must specify exactly the format and accompanying material to be received, e.g. 40 maps; 1 map in 9 sections; or 1 relief model.


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