Gifts -- Guidelines for Donating Gifts

University Libraries are pleased to accept gifts-in-kind of library materials, provided the materials are appropriate for the library's collection, not duplicative of currently held materials, and in suitable condition for circulation.  Gifts-in-kind are handled by the Collection Development area of the Collection Management department.

Monetary gifts are handled by the Director of then University Development and the Dean or Libraries (or designee), with the help of various other University officers.

In all instances the ultimate decision to accept or reject gift rests with the Libraries faculty.  When materials are not suitable for the collection, the Libraries faculty may dispose of them as he or she wishes; in most cases, they are offered to other non-profit organizations.  At the time of donation, the donor is required to sign a copy of the Gift Policy form - to show the donor's awareness of the same.

Evaluations or appraisals will not be given by University Libraries personnel to any donor for any gift.  University Libraries will transmit to the University Development Office a notice of the nature of the gift.  The Development Office is responsible for formal acknowledgment of the gift.

To make a gift please fill out a Donation of Library Materials Form or click here to proceed to our online giving form.

Please send questions/comments/suggestions to
Karen Brunsting, Acquisitions and Collection Development Librarian