Vendor Selection

The large number of individual units purchased by the library makes competitive bidding impractical. In the selection of vendors the guiding purpose is to achieve the best possible combination of service and cost. Availability of material in the shortest time, correctness of invoices and material received, cooperation in accepting returns, responsiveness to inquiries, and prompt and cooperative issuance of credit memos are also factors in the selection of dealers. Specialization in subject or format which produces excellent service and/or good discounts is a consideration in vendor selection. Geographic proximity which insures promptness of delivery and the ease with which written and telephone communication can be maintained are also considered. Orders may be placed directly with publishers when higher discounts and faster service can be obtained.

Aids in vendor selection are the department's internal vendor evaluations and recommendations from peer institutions.

Regular review of the vendors will have high priority. Efforts are made not to have large amounts of money obligated for long periods of time to a vendor who is not performing well. A close check will also be maintained on the discount rate which is promised and delivered on publications purchased.

Prompt, courteous reception of business telephone calls and prompt courteous replies to correspondence are required of Collection Management Department personnel, and reciprocal courtesy is expected from vendors. In addition, a spirit of cooperation and amicability is expected in making adjustments such as cancellations, returns, and issuance of credit memos. Quick response in sending catalogs and brochures outlining services and availability of materials is expected. Dealers must be willing and able to respond in a cooperative and constructive manner to complaints registered by the Collection Management Department.

Suggestions from teaching faculty or librarians regarding vendors will be given careful consideration, but the ultimate responsibility for selecting vendors rests with the Collection Management Department and is based on the above criteria. Verbal offers from vendors to supply expensive sets or large quantities of volumes must be substantiated by written quotations. All purchasing commitments for non-periodical library materials should be made through the Collection Management Department. Teaching faculty or librarians outside the Collection Management Department are not authorized to make commitments to vendors for library materials purchases, nor may they claim or cancel Collection Management Department orders.

Please send questions/comments/suggestions to
Karen Brunsting, Acquisitions and Collection Development Librarian