FAQs of Policy


Each department and/or school that has its own fund code for library acquisitions is requested to maintain an active collection development policy statement. The statement should describe collection objectives and practices that best serve the needs of that department. It should also support communication among faculty, students, and librarians with common interests in a collection.

Where are the policy statements?
  • The comprehensive policy statement for the University of Memphis Libraries is here.
  • It is regularly reviewed by the Dean of Libraries, Collection Development, and the library faculty.
  • The departmental policies are here.
  • They are regularly reviewed by Library Liaisons and Departmental Library Representatives.
Who gets to say what each department collects?
  • Library Liaisons present a basic format for the statement to follow.
  • Departmental Library Representatives work with their faculty colleagues to fill in the content.
  • The statements are approved and organized by Collection Development.
  • They are then used as the template to inform acquisition decisions and long-term planning for that collection.

Please send questions/comments suggestions to
Karen Brunsting, Acquisitions and Collection Development Librarian