Overview of Program

“Update, effective February 29, 2016. University Libraries is currently facing a critical shortage of qualified personnel to serve as library liaisons. Until further notice, library liaisons will not solicit requests for purchase of library materials. Faculty members are encouraged to use our online form to request library materials. Please visit: https://memphis.co1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_bxhjxao1mY2uJ8h. We encourage you to contact your library liaison with any other concerns related to the library.”

Library liaisons are library faculty who are assigned to work with departments on campus. Whenever possible, the library liaison will have subject expertise relevant to the department(s) to which he/she is assigned. The liaison should be the first line of contact when library issues or concerns arise. Feel free to contact your library liaison if you have questions or need assistance related to the services, programs, or collections of the University Libraries.

Departmental representatives are faculty in a department who assume responsibility for being the departmental contact with the library liaison on library related matters. He/she serves as the departmental contact in the collection development process. He/she collects and submits to the library liaison purchase recommendations from others in the department. He/she may initiate departmental meetings and/or communications related to library issues or concerns. He/she may submit to the library liaison requests for library related information needed for accreditation visits or other programmatic reviews.

S. Ford - September 2006

Current list of Library Liaisons

Current list of Departmental Representatives