Technology Sandbox


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The technology sandbox is a pilot program located in the Libraries' Learning Commons designed to give students a hands-on opportunity to explore new technologies on campus. All students are welcome to use the space. Please contact us if you have specific questions or would like to be involved in development.

This Semester in the Sandbox...

GIS infoThis semester the University Libraries will offer two GIS Stations for students to experiment with. Please come by and try out the stations and let us know what you think. Softwares available to you include:
  • Need GIS training? Contact us for free online courses

The University Libraries will provide two stations for design. This includes 3D CAD as well as conventional graphic design. Programs available to users include:

data science Beginning in October 2015, gaming stations will be introduced into the sandbox. This equipment is designed to encourage students in gaming development programs as well as students interested in research associated with game-based learning across disciplines. The equipment includes:
data science Two Data Science Stations will be included in the Sandbox and will include softwares for analyzing large data sets. These stations and the GIS stations are currently located on the same PCs. Programs available to users include: