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FRANCES FABIAN, Associate Professor


Dr Fabian has published articles in several leading journals including Journal of International Business Policy, Strategic Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Journal of Management Studies, and Management International Review. Frances concentrates on strategic decision making. This interest has led to research on the corporate environment, and the nature of information, knowledge and wisdom for organizations.

Though raised in South Pasadena, California, Frances took her undergraduate degree at Smith College and her MPP at Harvard University in Massachusetts. After 6 years with the Dallas, Los Angeles and San Francisco offices of the GAO, she left for her PhD with UT Austin.

Following Austin, she taught for 7 years at Tulane University in New Orleans, and 4 years with UNC Charlotte in North Carolina. She is happily settled in the Memphis region in Bartlett, TN.


Frances concentrates on strategic decision making. This interest has led to research on the industry environment, and the nature of information, knowledge and wisdom for organizations.

Recent work has incorporated complexity theory to describe and depict the nonlinearities of modern decision-making environments.

She is also embarking on a set of papers emphasizing entrepreneurship.

Recent Publications

  • Aissaoui, R. and Fabian, F. 2022. Globalization, economic development, and corruption: A cross-lagged contingency perspective. Journal of International Business Policy, 5:1-28  https://doi.org/10.1057/s42214-020-00091-5. 
  • Reddy, R. and Fabian, F. 2020. Information Asymmetry and Host Country Institutions in Cross-Border Acquisitions. Management International Review, 60, 909-938. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11575-020-00431-w
  • Kang, T., James, S. and Fabian, F. 2020. Real options and strategic bankruptcy. Journal of Business Research, 117:152-162. 
  • Trusty, J., Allen, D.A., and Fabian, F.  2019. Hunting while Working: An Expanded Model of Employed Job Search. Human Resource Management Review. 29 (1) 28-42. DOI:

Selected Research

  • Trusty, J., Allen, D.A., and Fabian, F. 2018. Hunting while Working: An Expanded Model of Employed Job Search. Human Resource Management Review. DOI: 10.1016/j.hrmr.2017.12.001

  • Ndofor, H., Fabian, F, and Michel, J. 2018. Chaos in Industry Environments. IEEE Transactions in Engineering Management. DOI: 10.1109/TEM.2017.2787860

  • Aissaoui, R. and Fabian, F. 2015. The French Paradox: Implications for variations in global convergence. Journal of International Management. 21 (1): 31-48.

  • Clampit, J., Kedia, B. Fabian, F. and Gaffney, N. 2015. Offshoring satisfaction: The role of partnership credibility and cultural complementarity. Journal of World Business, 50 (1): 79-93.

  • Steinbauer, R., Rhew, N., Kinnamon, E. and Fabian, F. 2014. The Conflicting Drivers of Entrepreneurial Ethics, Journal of Ethics & Entrepreneurship 4 (1) 57-72.

  • Wakolbinger, T., Fabian, F., Kettinger, W.J. forthcoming. IT-enabled Interorganizational Information Sharing Under Co-opetition in Disasters: A Game-Theoretic Framework. Communications of the Association for Information Systems.

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Has taught strategy at the undergraduate, graduate and executive levels, and PhD seminar. Also taught entrepreneurship, and global strategy.


Frances participates in various Memphis area entrepreneurship organizations, and looks forward to contributing to a growing entrepreneurism in the region.