ALEX RUBENSTEIN, Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor, Department of Management

FCB 323
Office Hours
Tu,Th 11:15am-1:00pm & by appointment


Dr. Rubenstein earned his Ph.D. in Management (HR/OB) from the Warrington College of Business Administration at the University of Florida. He also holds a B.S. in Psychology and a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Washington.

His research has been published in peer-reviewed outlets such as the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, Journal of Management, Journal of Business Ethics, and Multivariate Behavioral Research.


Dr. Rubenstein's current research interests include individual differences in intelligence and personality, newcomer socialization and adjustment, employee turnover, and interpersonal relationships at work.

Representative Publications:

Rubenstein, A. L., Allen, D. G., & Bosco, F. A. (in press). What's past (and present) is prologue: Interactions between justice levels and trajectories predicting behavioral reciprocity. Journal of Management

Rubenstein, A. L., Eberly, M., Lee, T. W., & Mitchell, T. R. (in press). Surveying the forest: A meta-analysis, moderator investigation, and future-oriented discussion of the antecedents of voluntary employee turnover. Personnel Psychology

Allen, D.G.*, Peltokorpi, V.*, & Rubenstein, A.L.* (2016). When "embedded" means "stuck": Moderating effects of job embeddedness in adverse work environments. Journal of Applied Psychology, 101, 1670-1686. (* denotes equal contribution)

Rubenstein, A. L., Allen, D. G., & Bosco, F. A. (2016). Reciprocity dynamics over time in organizational justice and social exchange. In Academy of Management Proceedings (Vol. 2016). Academy of Management.

Rubenstein, A. L., Eberly, M. B., Lee, T., & Mitchell, T. R. (2015, January). Looking beyond the trees: A meta-analysis and integration of voluntary turnover research. In Academy of Management Proceedings (Vol. 2015, No. 1, p. 12779). Academy of Management.

Rubenstein, A. L. (2014). Compensation. In S. K. Whitbourne (Ed.) The Encyclopedia of Adulthood and Aging. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

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Kammeyer-Mueller, J. D., Wanberg, C. R., Rubenstein, A. L., & Song, Z. (2013). Support, undermining, affect, and newcomer socialization: Fitting in during the first 90 days. Academy of Management Journal, 56, 1104-1124.

Kammeyer-Mueller, J. D., Rubenstein, A. L., Long, D. M., Odio, M. A., Buckman, B. R., Zhang, Y., & Halvorsen-Ganepola, M. D. K. (2013). A meta-analytic structural model of dispositional affectivity and emotional labor. Personnel Psychology, 66, 47-90.

Kammeyer-Mueller, J. D., Schilpzand, P., & Rubenstein, A. L. (2013). Dyadic fit and the process of organizational socialization. In A. Kristof-Brown and J. Billsberry (Eds.) Organizational Fit: Key Issues and New Directions (pp. 50-73). West Sussex, UK: Wiley.

Reynolds, S. J., Owens, B. P., & Rubenstein, A. L. (2012) Moral stress: Considering the nature and effects of managerial moral uncertainty. Journal of Business Ethics, 106, 491-502.

Kammeyer-Mueller, J. D., Steel, P. D., & Rubenstein, A. L. (2010). The other side of method bias: The perils of distinct source research designs.  Multivariate Behavioral Research, 45, 294-321.


Dr. Rubenstein has taught courses in leadership, human resource management, organizational behavior, and research methods. He currently teaches MGMT 7135 (Seminar on Leadership) in the MBA and Executive MBA programs, MGMT 8921 (doctoral Seminar on Research Methods), as well as the undergraduate MGMT 3215 (Human Resource Management) course at UM.


Dr. Rubenstein is an active member of the Academy of Management (HR and OB divisions) as well as the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Southern Management Association. He was awarded the Outstanding Reviewer award for the Organizational Behavior division from AOM in 2011 and 2016. He serves on the editorial board for the Journal of Organizational Behavior, and recently (2016) received a Best Reviewer award. Dr. Rubenstein also serves as an ad hoc reviewer for numerous journals, including the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, and Journal of Management, among other preeminent outlets.