Management PhD Students

arenaDave Arena (Dr. Jones) -

HR Management/Organizational Behavior: managing diversity in organizations; modern forms of discrimination at work; workplace attitudes & experiences of employees with dynamically stigmatized identities; identity management

ccChristian Calderon (Dr. Fabian) - 

HR Management/Organizational Behavior: employee retention & turnover; job satisfaction & organizational commitment; diversity

danDaniel Detwiler (Dr. Pierce) -
HR Management/Organizational Behavior: ethics & corporate social responsibility; organizational commitment; performance management & appraisal systems

jorgensenDavid Jorgensen (Dr. Fabian) -

Strategy: competition; social purpose marketing; greenwashing; international business; social media in business

tongTong Hyouk Kang (Drs. Fabian & Wright) -
Strategy: corporate governance; entrepreneurship; social networks

leonelRonei Leonel, Jr. (Dr. Nalick) -

Strategy: non-market strategy; institutional theory; entrepreneurship; financial technology

Michelle MfuniMichelle Mfuni (Dr. Fabian) -

Strategy: international business; home vs. host country strategies; multi-national corporations; corporate social responsibility; corporate political actions; emerging markets; energy

Deva NagDevalina Nag (Dr. Jones) -

HR Management/Organizational Behavior: formal & interpersonal discrimination toward social & racial minorities; justice perception; cross-cultural issues in the workplace; impact of discrimination on job productivity

prestonFrancee Preston (Dr. Fabian) -

Organizational Behavior: habitual & goal-directed behavior; organizational learning

Shovna TripathyShovna Tripathy (Dr. Jones) -

HR Management/Organizational Behavior: intersectional diversity issues in organizations