BBA in Management

BBA degree with a Management major allows students to specialize in one of three emphasis areas: (1) Leadership and Organizations, (2) Human Resource Management, and (3) General Management. Each of these areas of emphasis allows students to focus their studies with a curriculum geared toward leadership and management success in an array of organizations and occupations.

Leadership and Organizations emphasis seeks to develop within students the leadership and management skills that can enhance their careers in businesses such as retail, healthcare, entertainment, and the services. The focus is on learning behavioral skills associated with leadership such as motivating others, building successful teams, communication and negotiation, as well as the traditional management skills of staffing, controlling, organizing, and rewarding.

Human Resource Management emphasis provides students with skills required for successful careers as human resource generalists and specialists. Students in this emphasis area take courses in basic and advanced human resource management covering topics such as employee recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management and appraisal, compensation and reward systems, and legal compliance.

General Management emphasis allows students to choose skill areas in which to focus, while also allowing them to focus on a technical specialty not covered in other areas. These specializations include transportation, not-for-profit, and more specialized business areas within the services, retail, and manufacturing areas. Students who are interested in entrepreneurship and innovation may also take this emphasis, while supplementing the management/leadership courses with courses from other areas that will facilitate success as a business owner.

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BBA in International Business

BBA degree with an International Business (IB) major prepares students for careers in international business fields (e.g., global strategy). The IB major allows students to focus their studies with a broad, interdisciplinary curriculum that combines theoretical and practical international business study with course work in the liberal arts including foreign language and area studies.

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