Entrepreneurship Minor

Are you looking to change the world? Entrepreneurs see opportunities everywhere and have the passion and energy to tackle every kind of problem from the greatest challenges in our society to small daily hassles. Successful entrepreneurship takes more than just a great idea. The Entrepreneurship Minor will prepare you for an entrepreneurial career through a combination of coursework and practical experience, in addition to providing the knowledge and skillset you’ll need to launch your own business or land a meaningful role in an existing entrepreneurial enterprise. You’ll have the ability to customize your educational experience through the choice of an elective and personalized projects in classes throughout the curriculum.

FCBE Entrepreneur MinorThe Entrepreneurship Minor is for undergraduate students with *any* major (business or non-business) at the University of Memphis, except BBA Management majors must choose the Entrepreneurship Concentration instead. The minor consists of 18 hours in the following courses: UNIV 2555, MGMT 2820, MGMT 4921 or UNIV 4110, MGMT 4920, MGMT 4820, and one elective.

Entrepreneurship Minor Course Sequence

1. UNIV 2555 - Intro to Creativity, Innovation, and Design (3 credits)
2. MGMT 2820 - Intro to Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
3. Elective (3 credits)

Courses that satisfy a requirement for the student in his or her major may NOT be used. The student is expected to propose an elective course, in the entrepreneurial spirit , that will enhance and support related learning and success of the entrepreneurial activity, project, or business that is the focus of the minor. For example, the elective course could be in a functional area of knowledge critical to the entrepreneurial project implementation (e.g., management, marketing, finance, economics, non-profit administration, healthcare administration). Another alternative could be a technical course critical to the project idea development (e.g., in the sciences, computers, engineering, technology, biology, architecture, arts).

4. MGMT 4921 or UNIV 4110 - Internship in Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
5. MGMT 4920 - Independent Study/Management Problems (students participate in entrepreneurship competition coordinated by Crews Center for Entrepreneurship) (3 credits)
6. MGMT 4820 - Entrepreneurship (3 credits; capstone course). Prerequisites: MGMT 3110 and MGMT 3510 *or* MGMT 2820.

For information about Entrepreneurship Minor, please contact:

Undergraduate Student Services
Fogelman College of Business and Economics
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Entrepreneurship Collaborative

The Department of Management's strategy and entrepreneurship faculty collaborate with the Crews Center for Entrepreneurship to coordinate the Entrepreneurship Minor and conduct entrepreneurship research.