Mid-South Management Research Consortium

Faculty and doctoral students in the Department of Management at the University of Memphis developed and are part of a research consortium consisting of management scholars from premier universities in the mid-south region and nearby areas of the U.S. The goal of the Mid-South Management Research Consortium (MMRC) is to strengthen and broaden faculty and doctoral students' research programs as well as foster research collaborations. Members of MMRC meet annually to discuss their preliminary research ideas, study designs, theory development, working research papers, dissertation projects, data-analytic strategies, organizational research methods, and potential collaborative research projects. MMRC is Coordinated by Dr. Chuck Pierce, University of Memphis.

mmrc 2015

MMRC 2020 meeting: Feb 28-29. Harbert College of Business, Auburn University

Keynote Speaker 2020: TBA

MMRC 2019 Program: University of Kentucky

MMRC 2018 Program: Mississippi State University

MMRC 2017 Program: University of Mississippi

MMRC 2016 Program: Mississippi State University

MMRC 2015 Program: University of Memphis

MMRC 2014 Program: University of Alabama

MMRC 2013 Program: University of Memphis

MMRC 2012 Program: University of Memphis

MMRC 2012 & 2013 Photos

Faculty Affiliates

  • Dr. Garry Adams, Auburn
  • Dr. David Allen, Texas Christian
  • Dr. Danielle Ammeter, Ole Miss
  • Dr. Tony Ammeter, Ole Miss
  • Dr. Craig Armstrong, Alabama
  • Dr. LaKami Baker, Auburn
  • Dr. John Berns, Ole Miss
  • Dr. Jason Colquitt, Georgia
  • Dr. Jim Combs, Central Florida
  • Dr. T. Russell Crook, Tennessee
  • Dr. Keith Credo, UL-Lafayette
  • Dr. Walter Davis, Ole Miss
  • Dr. David Dawley, West Virginia
  • Dr. John Delery, Arkansas
  • Dr. Clay Dibrell, Ole Miss
  • Dr. Paul Drnevich, Alabama
  • Dr. Randy Evans, UT-Chattanooga
  • Dr. Frances Fabian, Memphis
  • Dr. Samantha Fairclough, Ole Miss
  • Dr. Walter Ferrier, Kentucky
  • Dr. Bryan Fuller, LA Tech
  • Dr. Bill Gardner, Texas Tech
  • Dr. Mark Gavin, West Virginia
  • Dr. Richard Gentry, Ole Miss
  • Dr. Maria Gondo, Ole Miss
  • Dr. Jodi Goodman, West Virginia
  • Dr. Vishal Gupta, Alabama
  • Dr. Jonathon Halbesleben, Alabama
  • Dr. Anthony Hood, UAB
  • Dr. Paul Johnson, Ole Miss
  • Dr. Kristen Jones, Memphis
  • Dr. Micki Kacmar, Texas State
  • Dr. Katherine Karl, UT-Chattanooga
  • Dr. Franz Kellermanns, UNC-Charlotte
  • Dr. Dave Ketchen, Auburn
  • Dr. Jessica Kirk, Memphis
  • Dr. Kurt Kraiger, Memphis
  • Dr. Giuseppe (Joe) Labianca, Kentucky
  • Dr. Lisa Lambert, Oklahoma State
  • Dr. Bruce Lamont, Florida State
  • Dr. Patricia Lanier, UL-Lafayette
  • Dr. Alex Lindsey, Memphis
  • Dr. Jeremy Mackey, Auburn
  • Dr. Lou Marino, Alabama
  • Dr. Laura Marler, Mississippi State
  • Dr. Jeff Martin, Alabama
  • Dr. Curtis Matherne, UL-Lafayette
  • Dr. Ben McLarty, Mississippi State
  • Dr. James Meurs, Ole Miss
  • Dr. Kevin Mossholder, Auburn
  • Dr. Tim Munyon, Tennessee
  • Dr. Milorad Novicevic, Ole Miss
  • Dr. Anne O'Leary-Kelly, Arkansas
  • Dr. Allison Pearson, Mississippi State
  • Dr. Chuck Pierce, Memphis (MMRC Founder)
  • Dr. Caitlin Porter, Memphis
  • Dr. Kirk Ring, LA Tech
  • Dr. Jessica Rodell, Georgia
  • Dr. Chris Rosen, Arkansas
  • Dr. Enrica Ruggs, Memphis
  • Dr. Kulraj Singh, Mississippi State
  • Dr. Chris Thomas, St. Louis
  • Dr. Christine Quinn Trank, Vanderbilt
  • Dr. James Vardaman, Mississippi State
  • Dr. Alan Walker, Auburn
  • Dr. Marilyn Whitman, Alabama
  • Dr. Mike Withers, Texas A&M
  • Dr. David Woehr, UNC-Charlotte