Past MIMSAC Themes

Year Theme
1989 "Dynamic Changes in Student Affairs"
1990 "Focus on Student Affairs Priorities"
1991 "Student Affairs: Trends for the 90's"
1992 "Legal Issues and the student Affairs Professional"
1993 "Contemporary Issues in Student Affairs: Restoring Hope in Higher Education"
1994 "Contemporary Issues in Student Affairs: Bridging Campus and Community"
1995 "Meeting the Challenges of Resourceful Campus Planning"
1996 "Re-engineering: Roles, Realities and Responsibilities"
1997 "What's Working: Successful Strategies and Programs in Student Affairs"
1998 "Pathways to Living Well"
1999 "Y2K: Back to the Future"
2000 "High Tech / High Touch"
2001 "Issues Facing Today's Students: Challenges and Initiatives"
2002 "Building the Future - Confirming our Commitments"
2003 "Changes, Changes, Changes: Equipping Students for Success in a Diverse Society"
2004 "Students Learning through Engagement and Involvement"
2005 "Assess to Progress: Developing an Effective Balance"
2006 "Implementing Integrative Learning: Pathways that Retain Students for Success"
2007 "Engaging the Millennial Learner: Strategies for Involving, Teaching and Retaining Tomorrow's Leaders"
2008 "Teaching and Learning in a Safe and Healthy Environment"
2009 Conference was not held
2010 "Living Well in a Diverse Society"
2011 "Civility in a Modern World"
2012 "Retaining our Students through Innovative Practices"
2013 "Preparing to Respond: Student Affairs Role in Meeting the Demands of Higher Education"
2014 "Fostering Student Success:  Developing Strategies for Student Recruitment, Retention, and Graduation"
2015 "A Call to Action: From Access to Success for First Generation and Diverse Student Communities"
2016 "Appreciation of Student Differences: The Role of Activism and Diversity on Today's College Campus"
2017 "Driving Innovation: Setting an agenda for tomorrow's promise."
2018 "Cultivating Thriving Communities"