MIPFC Rules and Prizes

Blossoming Beginners (4-6) NON COMPETITIVE
Certificates awarded, ratings, adjudicator comments

Bright Juniors (7-10)

  • Certificates awarded to First, Second and Third Prize winners
  • Certificates only: Honorable Mentions

Young Stars (11-14)

  • First Prize: $100
  • Second Prize: $75
  • Third Prize and Honorable mentions may be awarded at the judges' discretion

Young Artists (15-18)

  • First Prize: $300
  • Second Prize: $200
  • Third Prize and Honorable mentions may be awarded at the judges' discretion

Seniors ONLY Award:

  • $1,000 Scholarship to Rudi E Scheidt School of Music upon application as Piano Major
    Certificates only: Honorable Mentions

Collegiate Artists (18-30)

  • First Prize: $1,000
  • Second Prize: $500
  • Third Prize and Honorable mentions may be awarded at the judges' discretion

Information for Competitions/Festival:

All performances will be in Harris Concert Hall at the Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music at the University of Memphis. Prizes will be announced and presented after each category is complete. There will be a Prizewinners concert and Awards ceremony following the completion of all categories. All prizewinners must perform short selections from their program in this concert to receive their award (repertoire will be decided by the judges). 



  • Final deadline for completed entries: Wednesday, September 14, 2022 - 2 PM CST
  • Collegiate-only preliminary video deadline: September 14, 2022 - 2 PM CST (10-minute video)
  • Competition date - Saturday, October 22, 2022
  1. Repertoire- the competition program for all categories competitive and non competitive requires a “contrasting program.” This is free choice of pieces, but it must include at least two different periods of music (baroque, classical, romantic, impressionist, 20th century, or 21st century). Competitors must have music memorized unless the work is written post-1955. Non Competitors memory is optional.
  2. Blossoming Beginners, Bright Juniors and Young Stars may also enter duet repertoire (from the above musical periods) with partners who are not their primary teacher or parent. Duets are non competitive category only.
  3. The competition application fee is $50 for all categories. There are no refunds.  This application fee includes free entry to all concerts, masterclasses, and lectures for the competitors. 
  4. There are five age groups for the Festival and International Competitions: Blossoming Beginners (4-6), Bright Juniors (aged 7-9), Young Stars (10-13), Young Artists (14-18), and College Artists (18 – up). Ages will be calculated as of the day of competition. In the exceptional cases of an 18 year-old attending high-school (or equivalent), or a 17 year-old attending College, they may make a choice of which Competition they prefer to enter.
  5. Applicants for the College Artists / Collegiate Competition should be aged 18 as of the day of the competition, with the exception of cases that fall under rule number 4. Students must be enrolled as a full time student in a College, University or Conservatory in order to compete. Students should bring a Student ID, teacher verification or a recent transcript when they arrive for check-in.
  6. Detailed repertoire information is required - movement numbers, titles of movements and exact timings. Contestants should bring purchased, clean scores for the judges except in the case of public domain pieces. For programs over the allocated time, judges will ask for portions of the repertoire at their discretion. No changes in repertoire allowed after the final deadline for completed entries listed above. 
  7. Student and teacher names and contact information are required at the online registration. 
  8. A valid credit or debit card is required for online registration fee - $50 must be received by the final deadline for completed entries.
  9. Students may include pieces that exceed the time limit, but they will be stopped at the maximum time limit: 3 minutes for Blossoming Beginners, 5 mins for the Bright Juniors, 10 mins for the Young Stars, 15 mins for the Young Artists, and 20 mins for the College Artists. It will not affect the competition results if a competitor is stopped or asked to perform part of a program. 
  10. Contestants in non competitive categories will receive certificates of participation, ribbons, and adjudicator comment sheets. Exceptional performances will be nominated to perform in a masterclass during the festival or a later date at the Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music. 

Winners agree to the use of their photographic image to be used in social media and website content related to the competition unless otherwise expressed.

Contestants and allocated performance times may be limited. Please register early. No late applications accepted.