Information Systems (Accelerated BBA/MS)

Attention MIS Undergraduates – Sophomores and Juniors!

Interested in getting a few graduate-level courses at under-graduate prices in your senior year?
Consider taking Graduate classes while you are an Undergraduate at University of Memphis and you can earn a Graduate Certificate! You can get started on one of the MIS graduate certificates in business analytics, cyber-security or project management!

If you plan it right, you can take 3 classes paying undergraduate tuition rates where each class will count toward your BBA, your Graduate Certificate, and your MSIS degree. That's a 3 for the price of 1 deal!

The Department of MIS offers an Accelerated BBA/MS program to outstanding undergraduate majors in Management Information Systems (B.B.A.). Students accepted into the program may begin coursework for the M.S. in Information Systems and/or a 4-course Graduate Certificate during their senior year. Students interested in this accelerated program are encouraged to begin planning for it early in their undergraduate careers, in consultation with both their undergraduate advisor and the M.S. Coordinator of the Department of Management Information Systems.

To be accepted into the Accelerated M.S. Program, students must submit the following to the Department of MIS:

  • Must have a qualifying GPA (3.25 and above)
  • Two letters of reference
  • Copy of transcript
  • Complete an interview with the M.S. Coordinator of the Department.
  • Apply for a "combination status" to the Graduate School which allows accepted students to take graduate-level courses in Information Systems.

After being accepted into the program, you will work closely with your undergraduate advisor and the M.S. Coordinator in order to develop a carefully tailored program of study so that you can begin work on the M.S. and/or Graduate Certificate as you complete your undergraduate degree.

To continue the Graduate Program once you have completed your B.B.A., you must apply for full admission into the Graduate School and into the M.S. Program in Information Systems or Certificate program, your advisors can help you do this.

Contact your MIS undergraduate advisor today!