Class Piano

The class piano program offers 12-15 sections of six levels of piano during the Fall and Spring semesters. MUAP 1100 is designed for non-music majors with no previous piano experience. MUAP 1105 is a beginning piano class for music majors and is required on all degree plans. Students enrolling in 1105 must have completed or be concurrently enrolled in Theory I. 1106, 2107, and 2108 lead progressively to the completion of the class piano requirements, depending on degree and concentration (see below). Functional Keyboard Skills (MUSE 3101) is a required course for keyboard majors and is offered every odd-numbered year in the Spring semester.

Students with previous piano experience take a piano placement with the coordinator of class piano before enrolling in the School of Music. This placement determines the appropriate piano class and/or exempts students from courses they do not need.

Piano Requirements

1105 – Music Industry (and 1116, Jazz Class Piano)1105, 1106 – Jazz Performance/Composition/Arranging (and 1116, Jazz Class Piano)1105, 1106, 2107 – Music Education (Instrumental)1105, 1106, 2107, 2108 – Music Education (Choral), all Performance degrees, Composition

For more information on Class Piano, contact Area Coordinator, Kevin Richmond at kdrchmnd@memphis.edu.