Music Facilities

9.1 Contact Information

Contact numbers for various School of Music Offices can be found online based on their location:

School of Music

  • Main Office
  • Admissions
  • Building Manager
  • Harris Concert Hall

Communication & Fine Arts

  • Band
  • Commercial Music
  • Music Industry/Business
  • Dean's Office

9.2 Building & Office Hours

Hours for the Music and College of Fine Arts Buildings are as follows:

  • Monday - Saturday, 7:00am – 11:00pm
  • Sunday, 12:00pm – 11:00pm

Business and Office Hours for all Buildings in the School of Music are as follows:

  • Monday through Friday 8:00am – 4:30pm

Unauthorized Use of University Facilities

Faculty, staff, and students shall not use office space, laboratory facilities, studios, university equipment and/or any other University properties or facilities for personal purposes such as private lessons, instructions, business or profit-making ventures whether or not the faculty/staff receives income in connection with said use unless the University is compensated the schedule rate of fee for said use and the use is approved in accordance herewith.

9.3 School of Music Library

Location: MU 115
Email: musiclib@memphis.edu
Phone: 901-678-2330

To view the School of Music Library's hours, circulation procedures, and available student resources, visit the School of Music Library page.

You can also visit the Music Library site within the UofM Libraries and the Interlibrary Loan Requests page.

9.4 Computer Lab

Location: MU 102

The computer lab contains sixteen Apple computers, each with a midi keyboard and a wealth of music and related software. Software includes Finale, Sibelius, Digital Performer, Pro-Tools, Logic, Practica Musica, Reason, Pyware, Apple Remote Desktop, as well as the Microsoft Office suite of programs.  Several classes in music technology and recording technology are taught in this room.

Open lab hours are posted outside the door. There is no food or drink permitted, no disconnecting of equipment, and no changing of operating system preferences allowed. If there are any questions, see the lab monitor on duty.

9.5 Practice Rooms

The School of Music holds many practice rooms throughout the Music building and the Communications and Fine Arts building. Practice Room Keys are available one week before the semester. Chamber groups should reserve a time with the Scheduling Coordinator (MU 121).  Six types of Practice Rooms are available through the rental of a Practice Room Key. They are listed as follows:

  • Regular Practice Room (PR)
  • Grand Piano Practice Room (GR)
  • Organ Practice Room (OPR)
  • Percussion Practice Room (PPR)
  • Communication Building Practice Room
  • Bass Storage Room (215)
  • Wenger practice modules (204)

Practice Room Policies

Please be respectful of others and of School of Music equipment when using practice rooms. The rooms are for use by students of the School of Music and students of music classes. Food or drink is not allowed in the rooms, and please do not abuse the pianos or place anything on them. Rooms will be available for open use on a first come-first serve basis.  Grand Piano practice rooms should be primarily for piano students. They may be used by non-piano students only if no other rooms are available. Practice room keys are available for evening and weekend rehearsal use and can be checked out for the semester. Never leave practice rooms unlocked and unoccupied with personal belongings in place. Failure to follow these requests could result in loss of practice room privileges and/or key privileges.

Wenger Practice Room Policy

Keys to the Wenger Practice Units must be checked out with a student ID in the Music Office (MU 123).  Keys are available during School of Music office hours.  Wenger room keys may be checked out for a maximum of 2 hours. All Wenger Keys must be turned in by 4:30 p.m.  No keys will be available for check out evenings or weekends.  Failure to return keys will result in the loss of privileges to use the units. Practice rooms should be locked at all times.

9.6 Keys, Locker, and Instrument Rental

Keys to practice rooms, graduate assistant offices, and faculty offices require a check-out process.

Key Rental

Some keys require faculty approval for checkout. Please get this approval in writing prior to checking out keys. You may have the appropriate faculty member sign your key check-out form for this approval.

  • Fees - The fee for checking out a Practice Room key is $5 per semester. This amount is due before the key will be issued. Payments must be made at the Bursar's office. Once payment is made, bring the receipt to room 130. Key checkout will begin the week before classes begin.Check-out Forms - Upon gathering the appropriate receipt and the written permission, come by Room 130 to complete a Key
  • Check-out Form. Multiple keys may be checked out for multiple types of practice rooms (i.e. you may check out a GR and a PR key, or a PR and a CFA --- key), but a fee must be paid for each key involved. If you need assistance, feel free to come by and ask questions or call the Facilities Manager at Ext. 2557. Please also note that it is easiest for you to handle checkout of instruments, lockers, and practice room keys at the same time.
  • Returning Keys - All students must return all rented keys by the end of last day of semester final exams. Failure to submit the key by this time will result in a fine of $300 (no exceptions – fee based upon expense of replacing the lock). It is your responsibility to turn in your key.

Locker Rental

Students may rent lockers in one of three locker rooms for a fee of $5 per semester. The fee must be paid each term at the Bursar's office and a receipt presented. To rent a locker, see the School of Music Building Manager (Room 130).

Instrument Rental

Instruments are available for student use. The rental fee is $25/semester for use of an instrument. Faculty approval and appropriate receipts from the Bursar's office are required before attempting to complete a checkout form. Prior damage or missing accessories must be reported at the time of check-out or the student will be held responsible for damages and/or missing accessories. Please report all damages that occur while the instrument is in your possession immediately to Room 130 or call ext. 2557. Each student is responsible for the instrument he/she has checked-out. Please keep all paperwork regarding any instrument, key, or equipment check-out. Please come by Room 130 or call ext. 2557 with questions about instrument checkout.

Instrument Return

All students must complete check-in of instruments by the end of last day of semester final exams. Failure to complete check-in at this time will result in a charge to the renter's bursar account for the replacement cost of the instrument. Members of the Mighty Sound of the South performing in December and January basketball games will be excluded from this fee—no other exceptions will be made. All instrument returns should be brought to Room 130. Please come by Room 130 or call ext. 2557 with questions about instrument return.