Music Graduate Handbook

As the Director of the Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music, I am delighted to welcome you to our school and to graduate study at the University of Memphis. We are proud of our school's long history and proud of the scholarly and artistic accomplishments of its students, faculty, and alumni, and we look forward to seeing you join that tradition.

I hope you will take full advantage of your time in this great musical city and of the challenges and new horizons that our graduate programs offer. If my office can help in any way, please don't hesitate to stop by.

John Chiego, Director
Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music



1.1 Graduate Program Contacts
1.2 Graduate Student Rights & Responsibilities
1.3 Graduate School Calendar

2. Program Requirements

2.1 General Degree Requirements
2.2 International Students
2.3 Non-degree students
2.4 Readmission
2.5 Dismissal Policy

3. Academic Information

3.1 Advisors
3.2 Permits & Registering for Classes
3.3 Course Loads
3.4 6000-level courses
3.5 Entrance Exams
3.6 Foreign Language Requirement
3.7 Research & Bibliography
3.8 Transfer of Credits
3.9 Degree Time Limit
3.10 Out-of-State Tuition Waiver for Thesis/Dissertation-Only
3.11 Thesis & Dissertation Courses & Continuous Enrollment
3.12 IRB guidelines for research involving human subjects
3.13 Writing Guides & Style Manuals
3.14 Rotating Course Offerings
3.15 Experiential Learning Credit
3.16 Dual Degrees & Double Concentrations

4. Recital Scheduling

4.1 Scheduling
4.2 Keyboard Requests
4.3 Cancellations & Rescheduling
4.4 Programs
4.5 Recordings

5. Master's Degree Requirements

5.1 Checklist for MM degree
5.2 Auditions & Ensemble Requirements
5.3 Recital, Thesis, or Practicum
5.4 Comprehensive Examination
5.5 Applying to Graduate
5.6 Master's Degree Plans
5.7 MM-DMA Accelerated Track

6. Doctoral Degree Requirements

6.1 Checklist for the Doctoral Degree
6.2 Doctoral Residency
6.3 Doctoral Committee
6.4 DMA Recitals - Dissertation Equivalent
6.5 Major Field & Cognate Field Requirements
6.6 Qualifying examination (DMA)
6.7 Comprehensive Examinations in the Major and Cognate Fields
6.8 Admission to Doctoral Candidacy
6.9 DMA/PhD Proposal and Dissertation/Document Guidelines
6.10 Defending the dissertation or research document
6.11 Applying to Graduate
6.12 DMA/PhD Degree Plans

7. Graduate Assistantships

7.1 Application Information
7.2 Terms of Appointment
      a. Termination
7.3 Required Graduate Assistant Paperwork
      a.  Employment Verification
      b.  I-9 Information
      c.  Academic Credential Verification
      d.  FERPA
7.4 GA Responsibilities & Requirements
      a.  GPA Requirement
      b.  Ensemble & Placement Audition
      c.  Required Dates
7.5 Assistantship Assignments
7.6 Guidelines for Graduate Assistant Loads
7.7 Financial Information
      a.  University Fees
      b.  Pay Schedule
7.8 G.A. Health Insurance Options

8. Graduate Student Life & Resources

8.1 Getting Started
8.2 Other Resources
      a.  Campus Parking
      b.  Graduate School Forms
      c.  Graduate School Resources for Current Students
      d.  Student Health Center
      e.  Student Health Insurance
      f.  Campus Dining & Meal Plans
      g.  Reserve Study Space
      h.  Center for Writing & Communication
      I.  Information for International Students
      j.  Campus Map

9. Facilities

9.1 Contact Information & Campus Map
9.2 Building & Office Hours
9.3 Music Library
9.4 Computer Lab
9.5 Practice Rooms
9.6 Keys, Locker, and Instrument Rental

10.  Graduate Certificate Requirements
10.1 General Information
10.2 Artist Diploma
10.3 Vocology Certificate