Choral Ensembles

The University of Memphis choral program is comprised of five ensemble opportunities for both music majors and non-music majors. In addition to participation in the University choirs, students regularly perform with organizations such as Opera Memphis and the Memphis Choral Arts Ensemble. Singers who graduate from our department have gone on to positively impact the field of choral music.


University Singers 

usingThe University of Memphis University Singers is the premier auditioned ensemble in the UofM choral program. Though comprised primarily of undergraduate and graduate students within the School of Music, the University Singers welcomes singers from all majors with a love for choral music.

The ensemble presents a wide variety of repertoire through conceptual programming, enhanced by the practice of Choregie. Equipped with a robust performance schedule, the ensemble’s musicians grow as choral artists and humans. Invitations into this ensemble are earned through formidable auditions.

Chamber Choir 

chamber choirChamber Choir is a 26-member select chamber ensemble composed of undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Memphis. This auditioned ensemble performs works of many style periods ranging from early Renaissance through contemporary. The group performs on the University campus and in schools and churches throughout the Mid-South. Invitations into this ensemble are earned through auditions



In 2022, Chamber Choir will perform at the Tennessee Music Education Association Professional Development Conference.

Soprano Alto choir pictureSoprano/Alto Choir

In its inaugural year, the Soprano/Alto Choir is comprised of sopranos and altos from all academic disciplines within the UofM campus. These choral artists perform historical and contemporary repertoire and deliver compelling performances that illuminate the power of the treble voice. The ensemble builds community and empowers individual growth through relevant music-making. All singers are welcome to sing in the Soprano/Alto Choir. No audition is required.



Tenor Bass group photoTenor/Bass Choir

The Tenor/Bass Choir will provide students with the basic foundations of singing technique and an introduction to choral performance and repertoire. This choral ensemble also exposes students to tenor/bass choral literature representing various genres and styles. All singers are welcome to sing in the Tenor/Bass Choir. No audition is required.




Group of singers.Voices of Inspiration

The Voices of Inspiration is a choral ensemble that exposes students to choral literature from the Black music tradition. Particular emphasis will be placed on anthems, spirituals, hymns, gospel (traditional and contemporary), and sacred music of the world. All singers are welcome to sing in Voices of Inspiration. No audition is required.