Orff Summer Institute

Orff Summer InstituteJuly 11 - 22, 2022

  • Levels I-III July 11-22
  • Masterclass July 11 - 15
    Reflections in Elemental Style through Composition to Lesson Design with Richard Layton + Jacqueline Schrader


BBQ, Blues + Orff Schulwek

 The University of Memphis Orff Summer Institute is one of the longest-operating Orff Certification Programs in the country. Learn to engage your students in joyful music-making and dance, while you develop supportive connections with instructors and colleagues in this two-week teacher education course. Our engaging and accomplished faculty will make this an educational, inspiring, and transformative experience for you.

What is Orff Schulwerk?

Orff Schulwerk is a dynamic and active approach to music and movement education created by composer Carl Orff and his colleague Gunild Keetman. The Orff approach builds on children's innate musical abilities through things they do naturally: sing, speak, move and play. Through singing, rhythmic speech, body percussion and movement, children gain experience and develop instincts for making music in a joyful and accessible way. Orff Schulwerk uses songs, rhymes, games and dances to explore traditional and original music in elemental style, introducing musical skills and concepts in a logical and integrated way. Music and movement are often accompanied by clapping, snapping and stamping, or with pitched and unpitched percussion as well as recorders. The Orff-Schulwerk Certification Program at the University of Memphis is approved by the American Orff Schulwerk Association.

Coordinator of Summer Orff Institute

Meet Allen Moody

As music educators, our goal is to inspire our students to be life-long lovers and appreciators of music by helping them find their inner musician. Orff-Schulwerk training empowers you to give your students the experiences they need to grow as musicians. Your training will also refresh you as you invest in your teaching with an encouraging and collaborative staff of instructors and classmates. I hope that you will join us at the historic Memphis course where we will sing, say, dance, and play in the home of Blue and BBQ.