older black and white photo - two nurses examining tests results
older black and white photo - business man standing amidst old 1960 office desks
older black and white photo - chemist mixing and evaluating in chemistry laboratories
older black and white photo - children's dolls, plantation home, and other gifts underneath Christmas tree
older black and white photo - protestor carries signage assisted by policeman and official -  Memphis mourns Dr. King - Jesus weeps over sins of racism

National African American Photo Archive

The National African American Photographic Archive (NAAPA) features images from the lived experience of African Americans in the Mid-South and beyond. The archive is composed of items donated to our collections that include photographs, manuscripts, and other artifacts.

NAAPA is part of the Preservation and Special Collections Department of the University of Memphis Libraries and extends the work initiated by Cheri and Henry Rudner of Memphis, Tennessee.

NAAPA is an ever-growing archive. Inquiries and participation in building the archive are welcome.

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