Mission, Vision, Values & Goals


The LCON provides accessible and innovative higher education preparing leaders who promote health of the global community through excellent teaching, rigorous research, and collaborative practice/service.

To fulfill the mission, we are committed to

  • Creating a learner –centered educational environment
  • Inspiring life-long learning through excellence in teaching
  • Shaping practice through innovation and partnerships
  • Creating and disseminating knowledge through research and engaged scholarship
  • Embracing diversity and cultural competence


The LCON is creating a center of excellence where education, research /scholarship, practice, and partnerships integrate to advance nursing science and to promote health of the global community.

Core Values

The LCON identifies caring, diversity, integrity, and leadership as core values. These core values are defined as follows:

Caring is a human state, a moral imperative or ideal, an affect, an interpersonal relationship, and a nursing intervention.

Diversity is embracing the recognition, acceptance, and respect of human differences.

Integrity is acting in accordance with an appropriate professional code of ethics and accepted standards of practice.

Leadership is influencing the actions of individuals and organizations in order to achieve desired goals.

Strategic Goals

  1. Innovative and High Quality Academic Programs
  2. Student Success: Recruitment, Retention, Degree Completion, and Employment
  3. Advance Diversity & Inclusion
  4. Programs of Research/Scholarly Work
  5. Productive Partnerships from local to global communities


Brooke Medlin
“The Loewenberg College of Nursing has become my second home. Not only
has it become a place where I learn how to become an amazing nurse, but it
has provided a place of community, support, friendships, and encouragement
to help me along this journey. I cannot imagine receiving my nursing education anywhere else."
-Brooke Medlin