Frequently Asked Questions

BSN Program

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What are the application deadlines?

February 15 for Fall semester, September 1 for Spring semester

How long will it take after I submit my application to find out if I have been accepted to the program?

You be notified by e-mail approximately 6 (six) weeks after the application deadline

How many people are accepted into the BSN program per semester?

-BSN: 150
-Accelerated BSN: 40 (Fall only)

What prerequisites do I need in order to apply?

-English Comp I & II
-Intro Sociology or General Psychology
-Math 1530 (or one of the following:1420, 1710, 1730, 1830, 1910 or 2000)
-Anatomy & Physiology I (with lab)
-Anatomy & Physiology II (with lab)
-Microbiology (with lab)

Do I have to complete all my prerequisites before applying to the nursing program?

All science prerequisites must be completed before entering the nursing program

How many times may I repeat a science prerequisite course?

One science prerequisite course may be repeated one time. The second course grade will be used to calculate the Science GPA (regardless if repeated grade is higher or lower).

Do I have to complete all my general education courses before starting the nursing program?

No more than six (6) general education credit hours can be remaining prior to enrollment in the nursing program

Do I have to re-take my science prerequisites if I took them over 7 years ago to be accepted into the program?

Science prerequisite courses must be taken within 7 years of the anticipated enrollment in the nursing program. Science courses include Anatomy & Physiology I and II (with labs), and Microbiology (with lab).

If I am accepted to the Lambuth campus, can I switch to the Memphis campus or vice versa?

Students are strongly encouraged to complete the nursing program at their home campus. Request for transfer are to be made in writing to the Assistant Dean of Students.

May I apply to both the Lambuth and Memphis campus?


Are there nursing scholarships available?

Yes. The Loewenberg offer scholarships to current nursing students only. Non-nursing and/or pre-nursing students are not eligible for LCON scholarships.

May I meet with a Nursing Academic Advisor prior to being accepted into the Nursing program?

All academic advising prior being accepted into the Nursing program is done by the Academic Counseling Center www.memphis.edu/acc/prenursing/index.