Frequently Asked Questions

MSN Program

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What are the admission requirements for the MSN program?

The admission requirements for the MSN program are a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8 and an active RN license.

What are the application deadlines for the MSN program?

-February 15 for Fall semester
-September 1 for Spring semester
-Only the Executive Leadership has a fall deadline of July 15 and a spring deadline of November 15.

Is the MSN program entirely online?

The MSN program is mostly online but you will need to come to campus for orientation, lab, the pre-competency exam and the competency exam.

How long is the MSN program?

Since we urge students who work to enroll part-time, the MSN program typically takes two to three years to complete.

Does the MSN program accept graduate nursing transfer credits?

The MSN program accepts graduate nursing transfer credits up to 12 credit hours for each concentration as long as a degree was not obtained, the grades earned were B or better, the institution is accredited, and the courses have the same course description as well as amount of credits as our courses.

What courses are required for the MSN program?

The MSN program has three concentrations (Executive Leadership, Family Nurse Practitioner, and Nursing Education).

Are scholarships available for the MSN program?

Yes. We offer scholarships to current nursing students only. Non-nursing and/or pre-nursing students are not eligible for LCON scholarships.