Frequently Asked Questions

RN-to-BSN Program

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What is the difference between RN-BSN program and BSN program?

The RN-BSN program is from applicants with a current licensure and already possess an Associate Degree in Nursing.

What are the application deadlines?

Application dates are flexible and be accepted for Fall, Spring, or Summer any time before the term begins.

What prerequisites do I need in order to apply?

-English Comp I & II
-Intro Sociology or General Psychology
-Math 1530 (or one of the following:1420, 1710, 1730, 1830, 1910 or 2000)
-Anatomy & Physiology I (with lab)
-Anatomy & Physiology II (with lab)
-Microbiology (with lab)

Do I have to re-take my science prerequisites if I took them over 7 years ago to be accepted into the program?

Science prerequisite courses must be taken within 7 years of the anticipated enrollment in the nursing program. Required validation of current science knowledge for RNs will occur through employer verification, repeating of course, taking a higher-level science course in the same field, or obtaining a fiftieth (50th) percentile score or above on the NLN appropriate science test.

Are there nursing scholarships available for RN-BSN students?

Yes. The Loewenberg offer scholarships to current nursing students only. Non-nursing and/or pre-nursing students are not eligible for LCON scholarships.

I have taken classes at another institution. How can I find out what will transfer to the University of Memphis?

Use the Transfer Equivalency Table to determine what may transfer to the UofM. https://www.memphis.edu/admissions/transfer/equivalency_table.php

May I test out of any Nursing courses?

Yes, you can test out of Pharmacology, Health Assessment, and Clinical Pathophysiology by completing the passing the HEIS exam with a minimum score of 850. Students may also submit tests results for Pharmacology, Health Assessment, and/or Pathophysiology national achievement exams taken during their ADN program. Loewenberg College of Nursing will accept a score of 50% or greater on the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) or a score of 850 or greater on the Health Education Systems Incorporated (HESI) exam.

Can I send you a criminal background check that was done by my employer?

No, the check must include all searches specified by our clinical settings.

Can I send you a urine drug screen that was done by my employer?

No, it must be a 12-panel urine drug screen as specified by our clinical settings.