LCON COVID-19 Guidelines

Student in library holding a book, wearing maskDue to COVID-19 concerns, the University will be implementing a phased return to our campus, with the first phase being predominantly virtual/remote. What this means...

  • Curriculum will be delivered virtually/remotely for the start the Spring semester.
  • Students are expected to participate in lectures and discussions during their regularly scheduled class time (as if attending on-ground activities). 
  • Exams will be be given synchronously online at their specified times.
  • Some face-to-face instruction (e.g. laboratories and clinical training) will continue on campus that is not possible to conduct virtually.
  • On ground instruction will be conducted with social distancing and safety measures in place.
  • Students will go to clinical sites if they are open and adhere to ALL guidelines, protocols, and PPE use.

Lambuth Campus

  • Masks must worn at all times and social distancing practices must be followed.
  • Seating in public spaces and classrooms have been adjusted to follow social distancing guidelines and cannot be changed or moved.
  • Face to face meetings with advisors and staff will be allowed on a limited basis and by appointment only.
  • Classrooms that students have previously used for study will not be available; however, the Library will be open with limited seating and study rooms available based on social distancing guidelines.
  • The TAF computer lab in Wilder Student Union will be open with limited seating.
  • The Lambuth Learning Center will be available for limited use (no more than 5 students at a time).
  • Tutoring will ONLY be online (https://www.memphis.edu/esp/onlinetutoring.php).
  • The study space in the Nursing Living Learning Community will be open and available but students will need to adhere to strict social distancing guidelines.
  • The Blue-Gray Cafe will be open and will comply with all social distancing practices. Schedule TBD.

Memphis Campus

Community Health Building. 

  • Masks must be worn at all times and social distancing practices must be followed. Students are to maintain a 6-foot distance from others.
  • Study rooms will not be made available.
  • Tables and chairs have been removed from the seating area on the first floor to follow social distancing guidelines. Do not change or move anything.  
  • Face-to-face meetings with advisors and staff will not be permitted.
  • The library will be open with limited capacity.
  • No study rooms will be available.
  • Tutoring will be offered virtually. 
  • Only authorized faculty, staff and students should be in the building.
  • Chairs and tables have been removed or marked off to help maintain required social distancing guidelines. 

Elevators. Only one person at a time is allowed to ride in the elevator. It is recommended that you use the stairs as much as possible.

Collaboration rooms.

  • Student collaboration areas have a max capacity of 10 people at a time.
  • Each set of doors has been specified as an entrance or an exit.
  • Students must maintain socially distancing guidelines, keeping a 6-foot distance between themselves and others.


Back to Campus Tips from CDC

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CDC return to campus safety tips