Required Nursing Data Documents

All nursing students are required throughout the program to be current in essential vaccinations and screens, and maintain certifications and liability insurance to protect themselves and clients in their care, and to meet clinical site requirements.

The following vaccinations and screens are required annually:

  • PPD (TB skin test): An annual negative PPD test for tuberculosis or a statement from a health care provider attesting to a negative tuberculosis status.
  • Influenza vaccine: 1 dose of influenza vaccine annually (complete and provide documentation between September and December), or physician documentation of allergy to chicken, eggs or feathers.
  • Urine Drug Screen: All students are required to submit results of a 12-panel drug screen 30 days prior to entering their first practicum course, and annually thereafter.
  • Criminal Background Check completed annually.
  • CPR certification: American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers (certification is valid for 2 years).

Please keep copies of your required nursing data for your records. Updated Nursing Data can be emailed to bsn@memphis.edu.