Prior Learning Assessment for Credit

The Loewenberg College of Nursing appreciates the knowledge and skills that RN students bring to the RN-BSN program and acquire through formal mentored residencies and internship programs. Accordingly, RN-BSN students may earn college credit for prior learning experience with approval. Course credit may be earned through a national standardized achievement exam and by professional portfolio. Students interested in earning credit for prior learning are advised to contact the RN-BSN Director.

Credit by Examination (CBE) may be earned for three RN-BSN courses: Health Assessment & Lab (NURS 3101/3103), Pathophysiology (NURS 3400), and Pharmacology (NURS 3000). Students will be awarded college-level credit after admission to LCON by successfully passing a professionally recognized national exam at the national proficiency benchmark. CBE can be earned either by achieving proficiency on a standardized achievement exam taken in the associate degree nursing (ADN) program, or by taking a national standardized exam at LCON.

Credit through a Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio may be earned for a maximum of four (4) credits in the Professional Nursing Practice Practicum (NURS 4206). Professional experiences with validation may include formal mentored internships, professional state licensure, national nursing certification, professionally recognized continuing education credits, clinical teaching in higher education, scholarly presentations and publications, clinical project leadership, and leadership in a professional nursing or healthcare organization.

Requests for prior learning credit must be made to the RN-BSN Director at least four (4) weeks before the semester begins to provide sufficient time for validating learning, approving credit, finalizing the course plan of study, ensuring accurate fee invoices, and avoiding late registration fees.

Additional details about Prior Learning Assessment may be found in the RN-BSN Handbook and the eCourseware RN-BSN Advising Site.