RN-BSN Academic Advising

Undergraduate students meet with their Academic Advisor each semester to prepare for the next semester's courses, create an academic plan in UMdegree, and discuss challenges associated with being a nursing student. Our advisors and faculty are here to help students succeed; however, it is ultimately the student's responsibility to make appropriate academic choices and take advantage of all the opportunities and resources LCON has to offer.

The Advising Schedule is as follows:

  • Oct 1 – Nov 15 for Spring Semester Courses
  • Mar 1 – Apr 15 for Summer Semester Courses
  • Mar 1 – Jul 15 for Fall Semester Courses

What are my responsibilities

Know the Academic Advisors' names and where they are located.
Consult with an Academic Advisor if problems arise.
Make sure that your health requirements are current.
Schedule appointments early and keep current on academic requirements, policies and procedures.
Accept responsibility for academic choices.

Contact Us

Norma Neal
RN to BSN Coordinator