Academic Unit Reports

These reports contain information about various academic units, comprising university-level, college-level, department-level, and course-level reports.

  • SRI Dashboard ThumbnailSRI Dashboard Thumbnail Dean's Dashboard for SRI

    View data for reporting annual metrics for SRI budget presentations.

  • Program Review ThumbnailProgram Review Thumbnail Program Review (Excel)

    View University,College or Department data for a term. Includes 1) Program Summary: enrollment by gender and ethnicity, average class size, mean GPA, mean test scores. 2) Enrollment Profiles: By age, registration type, attendance schedule, and geographic origin. 3) One Term Retention. 4) Applicants. 5) Concentrations: 4-year trends of concentration enrollments by Lambuth status. 6) Time to Degree: Average time to degree since enrollment in major.

  • Enrollment Thumbnail Enrollment Thumbnail Enrollment Dashboard (Power BI - Login)

    Interactive dashboard allowing you to view historic enrollment and credit hour trends and details by semester. Also includes one year retention rates.

  • Daily Enrollment Program ThumbnailDaily Enrollment Program Thumbnail Upcoming Term Enrollment - Details by Program (PowerBI - Login)

    Enrollments at the program level for a specific day in an upcoming term.

  • Power BI Retention ThumbnailPower BI Retention Thumbnail <https://app.powerbi.com/groups/eaaeb2ce-aad6-49b3-96b5-507d83a06dfd/reports/fb883797-abb2-4435-b7db-36c468ff6c97?ctid=ae145aea-cdb2-446a-b05a-7858dde5ddba"> Graduation & Retention Rates Dashboard (Power BI - login)

    4-6 year graduation rates and one-year retention rates for first time freshmen cohorts and first time transfer cohorts. Filter results by student characteristics as of their first semester: gender, ethnicity, nontraditional age, full/part status, Pell status, STEM status, and college of major.

  • Course Enrollment Trends ThumbnailCourse Enrollment Trends Thumbnail Course Enrollment Trends (Excel)

    Trends of Enrollment at the class and section level, used for planning course sections.

  • Graduation Trend ThumbnailGraduation Trend Thumbnail Trend Report on Graduates, Degrees, Majors and Concentrations (PDF)

    5 years trends of degrees awarded at the University (by demographic), Degree, College, Major, and Concentration levels

  • Grade Distribution ThumbnailGrade Distribution Thumbnail Grade Distributions (Excel - login)

    Summarizes the faculty, course section, enrollment, enrollment capacity, withdrawal rate, success rate, average course GPA, effective teacher rating (SETE), and grade distribution. Based on term, level, college, dept, and course.

  • Course Success VA ThumbnailCourse Success VA Thumbnail Teaching Activity Dashboard (Visual Analytics - login)

    Faculty hiring data, course enrollments, fill rates, success rates, and number of courses offered, filterable by faculty type, rank, college, course type,and more.

  • Program Review ThumbnailProgram Review Thumbnail Program Review (Excel)

    View University,College or Department data for a term. Includes 1) Course Demand: 14th day number of sections, credit hours, number enrolled, capacity. 2)Course Service: courses taught to majors vs non majors 3) Credit Hour Production: total credit hours taught by department 4) Instructional Load: hours taught by faculty.

  • Daily Enrollment Course ThumbnailDaily Enrollment Course ThumbnailDaily Enrollment Tracker (Upcoming Term) Details by Course (PowerBI- Login)

    Enrollment at the college, dept, subject and course level in an upcoming term for today's date compared to the same day last year.