Program Review Data

Program review reports provide historical and comparative trend analysis at the University, College, and Department levels. See below for report descriptions. The selected report opens as an Excel workbook with multiple tabs.

Tab Descriptions

Program Summary Degrees awarded, GR yield rate, enrollment by gender and ethnicity, average class size, mean GPA, mean test scores.
Enrollment Profiles By age, registration type, attendance schedule, and geographic origin.
8Year Retention Retention Trends of First time Freshmen enrolled in the College.
One Term RetentionOne Term and One Year retention/graduation trends of all students enrolled in the college or department. Available when choosing report terms 201380 and after.
Applicants Mean High School GPA, ACT scores, and GRE scores.
Course Demand 2-year comparison of course enrollment as of 14th day census, detailing number enrolled, enrollment capacity, and number of sections.
Course Service Number of course seats in the department filled by majors versus non-majors (formerly called Course Load Matrix).
Credit Hour Production Total credit hours enrolled in each department.
Instructional Load Courses by Faculty and Faculty type.
Teaching Activity Number and percent of students taught by tenured/tenure-track faculty.
Faculty Detail Lists of full time and part time faculty in each department.
Concentrations 4-year trends of enrollments in each concentration.