The dashboards have a new look and feel as of Summer 2018. View dashboard navigation PDF for information.

The University of Memphis Visual Analytic Dashboards are a collection of interactive, visual tools that give administrators, faculty, and staff expanded access to detailed university data on selected core measures. This dashboard tool reflects the University's commitment to:
-- Improving data access and transparency
-- Tracking progress toward goals
-- Making data-informed decisions
-- Demonstrating campus productivity and impact
-- Providing detailed customized views of data over time.

Available to University of Memphis faculty and staff on campus or VPN only (login required). 

Graduation & Retention Rates Dashboard banner   Explore information on six-year graduation rates and one-year retention rates for first time freshmen cohorts and first time transfer cohorts. Filter results by characteristics of the student as of their first semester: gender, ethnicity, nontraditional age, full/part status, Pell status, STEM status, and college of major.   Launch the Retention & Graduation Dashboard
Enrollment Dashboard   Explore student enrollment trends broken down by student level, college, and major, as well as student demographics. Also, see semester details, retention trends, enrollment projections.   Launch the Enrollment Dashboard
Teaching Activity   Explore teaching loads by full and part time faculty, number of courses taught, number of students taught, and course capacity.   Launch the Teaching Activity Dashboard
Daily Enrollment by Program   See enrollment as of today compared to the same day yesterday, shown by degree program. This dashboard is primarily useful for Graduate School enrollment tracking, although it also contains UG information.   Launch the Daily Enrollment by Program Dashboard
Admissions Activity Button   Compare application activity for the upcoming Fall term as of today with the same day last year. See total students who applied, admitted, and enrolled.    Launch the Admissions Activity Dashboard
Veterans Dashboard Button   Information about veterans, including enrollment, retention, and degrees. Can filter to see both certified and non-certified (self-identified) veterans.    Launch the Veterans Dashboard
Deans Dashboard Button   Information for College Deans, including SRI Budget Metrics for budget presentations.    Launch the Deans Dashboard
Advisors Dashboard   Access by special permission only. To aid in ensuring registration for the upcoming term, the advisor dashboard contains student-identifiable information on students assigned to advisors, pin cleared status, and registration status for the upcoming term.   Launch the Advisors Dashboard
 First Time Freshmen Cohort Dashboard    Access by special permission only.  The First Time Freshmen Cohort dashboard contains an executive-level overview of the 6-year graduation rate for the upcoming cohorts, along with pin cleared status and registration status.  Can drill down to the individual student detail level.      Launch the First Time Freshmen Cohort Dashboard