Standardized Examination Waiver Request


Due to the increased difficulty for students to schedule and take the GRE (Graduate Records Examination), the test requirement will be waived for Summer and Fall 2020 admissions considerations to the Master of Public Administration program. Applicants will not be required to submit a test score; however, if the applicant has already taken the GRE, or other standardized graduate exam, and wishes to submit it for consideration they are welcome to do that.

Applicants for the MPA degree or certificate programs may be eligible for a waiver of the standardized entrance exam (GRE, GMAT or MAT) if they meet one of the three criteria sets below:

  1. Applicants with an earned professional or graduate degree from an accredited institution. Students with an earned masters or other post-baccalaureate degree are exempt from the standardized exam requirement for admission. 
  1. Public Service or Military Experience. Certain applicants may be eligible for a waiver based on a combination of their undergraduate performance and subsequent work experience. Applicants seeking a waiver under this mechanism must meet all of the following criteria:
    • Undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or better.
    • Six years of progressive public service experience.
    • Successfully reach supervisory or managerial positions in public or nonprofit organizations, including independence of authority, responsibility of program design, and/or budgetary authority. Military experience: Reached the officer O-3 or equivalent rank.
    • Demonstrated exemplary accomplishment in their public service career or community volunteer activities documented in letters of recommendation.
  1. Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) Undergraduate Students.
    • Received certification from the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance.
    • Exhibit leadership in NLSA by serving as an officer, committee chairperson or other position of leadership.
    • Graduate with an overall undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or better but with a GPA of 3.5 or above in nonprofit management minor courses.
    • Demonstrate exemplary accomplishment in areas such as volunteering, fundraising and recruitment documented in letters of recommendation from a nonprofit agency.

Waiver Process

  1. Download and complete the waiver form 

    Download the Standardized Examination Waiver Form

  2. Submit the completed form, along with any required documentation to  our Administrative Assistant, Rebecca Horowitz at rhrowitz@memphis.edu.

*IMPORTANT* Applicants seeking a waiver must contact our offices BEFORE beginning their application. If a waiver is not granted prior to applying, the application will not be processed by the Graduate School.