David Schwan

Online Coordinator and Instructor

309E Clement Hall
Office Hours

About Dr. Schwan

David Schwan joined the department in 2017. He received his BA in Philosophy from Taylor University, MA in Philosophy from Ohio University, and his PhD in Applied Philosophy from Bowling Green State University. Schwan's areas of specialization are Ethics, Moral Psychology, and Philosophy of Emotion. He also has interests in the history of moral philosophy. His dissertation explored the nature and role of empathy in moral thinking and clinical settings. He is currently thinking about the ideal role of emotions in appeals for humanitarian aid and in current debates about immigration. Currently, Schwan serves as the Online Coordinator for the Philosophy Department and has a special interest in developing effective tools and methods for teaching philosophy online.

Selected Publications

"J.S. Mill on Coolie Labor and Voluntary Slavery." British Journal for the History of Philosophy 21, 4 (2013): 754-767.

Recent and Upcoming Presentations

"Does Empathy Lead Us Morally Astray?" Great Lakes Philosophy Conference, Spring 2017

"The Ethics of Empathy in Medicine," Invited Lecture, Adrian College Institute for Ethics, Fall 2016