Inaugural Board of Trustees Meeting

Dear Campus Community:

As you are likely aware, we held our inaugural Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting last Friday. The next BOT meeting will be in June. Detailed information about our new Trustees is available at: Board of Trustee Members. Information about the BOT, including bylaws and policies, committees, webcast archives and the meeting calendar will be available shortly at the following link: https://www.memphis.edu/bot/. The most recent meeting was predominantly procedural, with the election of officers, determination of committee structure, and passage of bylaws and board policies. I will be providing a succinct summary after each meeting. Additionally, we will be routinely providing a press release immediately following the meeting, as was done this past week.

In the coming months, a host of issues will be reviewed with the BOT as a prelude to launching a new strategic planning effort in late summer or early fall. It will provide a unique opportunity for members of our community to gain a better understanding of our approach to enrollment management (including tuition and fees), facilitating retention and graduation, the demands of online growth, planning for the future of our Lambuth campus, a teaching excellence initiative, administrative efficiency, institutional effectiveness, and efforts to grow our endowment. Our new Board of Trustees represents a unique opportunity for our campus, an opportunity to invest in greater depth and detail in our future. Let me encourage you to participate, become familiar with the broad array of issues raised and help us take the next step in the growth and trajectory of our great University.

Warm Regards,

M. David Rudd
President | Distinguished University Professor