Thank You, Students

Dear UofM Students:

Thank you for the pride you take in our campus and your considerate, civil discourse about the delay in the new recreation facility. Universities are places for debate and discussion, places for the full range of positions and opinions, places to clarify and confirm your values. You have consistently engaged in a process that is characterized by thoughtful and thorough evaluation, regardless of the position you support.

This is not the first challenge we have experienced on our campus, in our community or across our nation. Our Critical Conversations series included issues of law enforcement and race relations, social justice and freedom of speech. In each and every case over the past two and a half years, I have been both impressed and grateful for your active engagement, your passionate investment in our community, your support for this University and your commitment to civility. Thank you.

I am proud to be a part of the University of Memphis and the City of Memphis. With each and every challenge we face, I feel more confident and assured about the future of our community and our country.

Warm Regards,

M. David Rudd
President | Distinguished University Professor