Salary Pool Recommendations for AY 2017-2018

Dear Faculty and Staff:

We have received feedback from across campus regarding allocation of salary pool funds for the coming academic year. As mentioned previously, the total salary pool is anticipated to be 3%. As a reminder, plans cannot be finalized with a recommendation forwarded to the Board of Trustees for approval until the Governor's final budget recommendation is approved by the Legislature in early to mid-May. The 2017-2018 budget and salary pool recommendations will be on the Board of Trustees agenda for the June 6th meeting.

The UofM will be recommending a 3% salary pool for faculty and staff pay increases. With regards to tenure-track and tenured faculty, we will recommend an across the board 2% increase and a 1% merit pool (to include consideration of compression and equity). Deans/Directors will consult Department Chairs regarding merit increases based on College/School specific metrics. We will be recommending an across the board increase of 3% for all staff. It is important to note that all instructors and adjunct faculty will be included in this salary increase. Last year, a commitment was made to include all instructors and adjunct faculty members in raise discussions moving forward. Full-time instructors and part-time adjunct faculty will receive an across the board 3% increase funded centrally rather than by departments or colleges.

Although limited in scope, this increase does represent meaningful movement in a positive direction, recognizing the hard work, dedication and sacrifice of our faculty members and staff. Additionally, it allows us to continue to recognize our commitment to contain student costs and debt through responsible financial management, consistent with our mission as a public research university to ensure access to higher education.

Thank you for your continued hard work and service to our students and community.

Warm Regards,

M. David Rudd
President | Distinguished University Professor