Gains in Affordability at the UofM

Faculty and Staff:

As you know, one of the most significant challenges our students face is affordability. Over the last four years (i.e. including this upcoming academic year), we have been able to implement the lowest tuition increases in our history, an average of just over 2%. As indicated in the table below, this effort has enabled us to make up significant ground with other TN universities, essentially cutting the affordability gap in half.

With this coming academic year, the UofM will move from being on average 10.6% higher in tuition costs than our TN colleagues, to 5.8%. We will also make up considerable ground this coming year, but at this point we do not have all of the TN universities tuition rates. We currently have MTSU data and will gain another 11% this coming academic cycle.

What is particularly important to note is that we are the only Carnegie II institution in the state and arguably offer a distinctive educational experience. Regardless, we have heard our students' request to take affordability seriously, and we have done so over the past three years, with new ground to be gained this coming year.

Once all tuition increase decisions are available statewide, this information will be updated. I thought you would appreciate a quick summary of this critical issue, as I have also sent this information to the Board of Trustees and Board of Visitors.

 UofM Affordability Gains

Warm Regards,

M. David Rudd
President | Distinguished University Professor