2019 U.S. News & World Report Rankings: Best Online Programs

January 15, 2019

Dear Campus Community:

The new year is starting with some very good news from U.S. News & World Report (USNWR). As you might recall, the programs listed below are the only ones offered by the UofM that qualify for USNWR ranking. As listed in the table below, our programs' rankings improved significantly over the past year. The most significant improvement is evidenced in our online bachelor's degree ranking, moving from 125 to 58 - and only one point from being in the top 50. All of our programs improved, reflecting the hard work and impressive expertise of our faculty and staff. Although our online nursing program dropped from 15th to 17th, their actual score improved this past year from an 89 to a 90.  

Congratulations, and thanks again for the excellent work.  

Survey 2019 Ranking State of TN Ranking 2018 Ranking
Online Bachelor's 58 2 125
Online MBA 70 2 89
Online Criminal Justice 43 1 51-67
Online Education 139 1 150
Online Nursing 17 1 15


M. David Rudd
The University of Memphis