THEC Enrollment Data

Friday, September 18

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Attached is the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) communication regarding official enrollment across the state. Below is the table detailing enrollment across all of the locally governed institutions (LGIs). As you can see, the UofM had the largest enrollment increase and is once again the second largest public university in Tennessee, surpassing MTSU after almost a decade. There were some significant declines in enrollment at APSU, ETSU and TSU, with an average decline across all institutions of .8%. It is particularly impressive that our growth comes during a three-year stretch of record graduation numbers. This highlights the effectiveness of our initiatives to retain consistently greater numbers of students and help them move successfully through graduation. 

You will also note the significant decline across all Tennessee community colleges, with an average drop of 10.3%. It is important to mention that Southwest experienced a decline of over 22% this fall. Given the significant number of transfer students we receive from Southwest, we have already initiated discussion and planning. 

THEC enrollment data

I want to thank you again for your hard work, creativity and resilience this year, as its importance cannot be overstated in an effort to maintain our remarkably positive trajectory across so many fronts. 

Be well, and stay safe.  

 Dr. M. David Rudd, President