Application Increase

Dear Campus Community:

As promised, here's an update of our 250-mile radius program and overall application activity. As you can see from the following, total application numbers have more than tripled from two years ago (14,935) and admissions to date almost doubled (5,735). Freshman numbers are comparable, with first-time freshman (FTF) applications tripling from two years ago, and admissions almost double at 5,393.

250-mile Radius data

Ultimately, the yield rate on these admissions is critical, but given our early efforts and improved use of technology have allowed for a far longer recruitment window.

An important benefit of these efforts are our dramatically improved selectivity (i.e. acceptance rate). With our larger number of applications and commitment to high standards, our acceptance rate for FTF stands at 39% as compared to a rate of 75-76% over the past decade. Selectivity is an important variable in the U. S. News rankings, and will certainly have impact on our standing in the coming years. Let me also point out the saturation maps provided, which clearly indicate significant increases in activity within the 250-mile radius program, all consistent with our efforts.

​Although these numbers are certainly encouraging and we're optimistic for the coming year, let me encourage all to actively engage in the recruitment process over the spring months. We offer a wonderful comprehensive educational experience, one strengthened by the diversity and wealth of applied educational opportunities available in the Memphis community.


David Rudd | President