Summer Initiatives

Dear Campus Community:

As you know, the U of M has experienced declining summer enrollment for three consecutive years (see graph below). Analysis revealed that the declines are a function of several variables including, but not limited to, cost, loan capacity, and convenience. Our summer initiatives have reversed the trend with our first increase in summer enrollment in four years. As you can see, overall enrollment is up 7%, or a total of 255 students. It's important to note these are early numbers. Registration will continue for the first and second sessions over the next several weeks; therefore, the final gains are likely to be more significant. Perhaps most important though, is the success of our 3 + 3 summer initiative targeting first-time freshman (FTF). The extant literature clearly indicates that, if FTF enroll in classes during their first summer, their overall retention and graduation numbers improve in the double digit range. As of this week, we have 267 FTF enrolled in summer classes compared to 205 last year, an increase of 62 students or 30%. Finally, early orientation numbers for next fall are very promising. As of this week, we have 1,570 students registered for orientation, compared to 1,100 last year (an increase of 470 students or 43%). Early returns on our summer initiatives and recruitment for next fall are promising.

Summer Initiatives

Thank you for all of your hard work and commitment. Go Tigers!


M. David Rudd | President