Office of Inclusion and Diversity

Dear Campus Community:

The University of Memphis is dedicated to helping students, faculty and staff create a vibrant, welcoming and inclusive environment. Currently, we are exploring options for an Office of Inclusion and Sexual Diversity at the UofM. The Student Government Association recently passed a bill in support of this office, which would develop and coordinate programs for the LGBTQA community, promote dialogue on campus about diversity and help build support for equality. As always, I'm grateful to our student leadership for their thoughtful dedication to our campus.

As shared previously, I am committed to containing administrative growth at our university, particularly given the broad range of needs on campus. However, we are actively exploring the current organizational structure and related resource allocation for an Office of Inclusion and Sexual Diversity due to the importance of this issue.

Plans call for a graduate assistant to be appointed by July 1. The GA will research services and trends provided through offices of inclusion on other college campuses. Other details regarding the exact structure and staffing of the Office of Inclusion and Sexual Diversity are still being finalized, with a keen eye on administrative concerns raised above. The promotion of diversity on campus is critical to the University's success, and we are committed to expanding knowledge, understanding and the well-being of all.

Thank you,

M. David Rudd
President | Distinguished University Professor