SACSCOC Fifth-Year Interim Report

March 2, 2021

Dear Faculty:

Some of the most critical, but little known, tasks completed at any university are reports for SACSCOC accreditation. Every ten years, the University of Memphis participates in a reaffirmation of accreditation process. Six years ago, the UofM completed that reaffirmation. We will submit our fifth-year interim report this spring. This report provides a comprehensive overview of every aspect of University functioning. I have attached a copy of the report for your review. 

I would like to thank Colton Cockrum, assistant vice provost for Institutional Effectiveness, Accreditation and Academic Assessment, and his team for a job extremely well done. I want to also thank all of those across campus, including various faculty members, program directors, department chairs, deans and our provost, for their exceptional contributions. 

You will also notice a copy of the Impact Report for the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) attached. The QEP is a SACSCOC requirement and a document developed by the institution that (1) includes a process identifying key issues emerging from institutional assessment, and (2) focuses on learning outcomes and/or the environment supporting student learning and accomplishing the mission of the institution, among a number of additional elements. The impact of our QEP effort (academic coaching) was remarkable, positively impacting the lives of hundreds of students over the course of the past five years, along with helping to improve retention and graduation rates and driving a change in how we shape and deliver academic support for students.

Again, thank you to all those involved in putting together our fifth-year interim report. I hope you will be able to look at some of the excellent work being done across the wide range of programs, departments and colleges on our campus.


Dr. M. David Rudd