Spring Update

Dear Campus Community:

Not only are we starting a new semester, but an important legislative session is starting, one that will have significant impact on the future of the University of Memphis. As you know, Governor Haslam has filed legislation that would provide for an autonomous governing board for the U of M. I am forwarding a copy of the proposed legislation to all chairs, deans and the Faculty Senate. Provost Weddle-West will coordinate with faculty to gather any identified concerns or questions. We have already created a taskforce targeting a range of issues related to the eventual transition. The hope is to have our own governing board in place for April 2017. In addition to the autonomous governing board legislation, we also have requested $31M for the Memphis Research Consortium, $2M for our Lambuth Campus, renewal of funding for our Center for Earthquake Research and Information (CERI), along with line item funding for Chucalissa.

Let me express my gratitude for the exceptional work of our enrollment management group. For the first time in many years, our spring enrollment has grown. We ordinarily experience a 2-3% contraction secondary to graduation. Given our increase in graduation numbers, coupled with several years of smaller freshmen enrollment, these numbers are encouraging. Here's a quick summary of spring enrollment numbers compared to last year (on the same date, not all categories included):

  Spring '16 Spring '15 % Gain (N)
New Freshmen 175 114 53% (61)
New Transfers 700 567 23% (133)
Total New Undergraduates 1,024 817 25% (207)
New Graduate Masters 261 202 30% (60)
Total New Students 1,383 1,116 24% (267)
Total Enrollment 19,467 19,146 1.6% (321)


Please join me in thanking our enrollment management group for some great work. Given the significant level of activity this semester, I'll continue to forward updates on a more frequent basis.

Wishing you the best for an enjoyable spring semester.

M. David Rudd | President
Distinguished University Professor