Faculty Athletics Committee

The Faculty Athletics Committee serves as the faculty advisory group to the President on institutional issues related to intercollegiate athletics. It fosters the University's commitment to academic integrity within the athletic department, strives to ensure that the athletic department operates in consonance with the University's educational mission, and actively promotes the welfare and educational success of our student-athletes.

Faculty Athletics Committee Charge Document


  • K B Turner, College of Arts and Sciences

Voting Members

  • Thomas Ephraim Banning, Herff College of Engineering
  • Brennan Berg, School of Health Studies
  • Lynda Wray Black Esq., Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law; and Faculty Athletics Representative to the NCAA
  • Niki Bray, Innovation and Student Services
  • Kensha Clark, Chemistry
  • Tracy Mason Collins, Faculty Senate Representative
  • Melloni Cook, College of Arts and Sciences
  • George Deitz, Business and Economics
  • William Hunter, Education
  • Esra Ozdenerol, Faculty Senate Representative
  • Antonio de Velasco, College of Communication and Fine Arts

Ex-Officio Members

  • Fernandez West, Associate Athletic Director for Academic Services
  • Laird Veatch, Athletic Director
  • Zaneta Ivy, Athletic Compliance
  • Jeff Crane, Deputy Athletic Director
  • Adam Walker, Senior Associate Athletic Director, Development
  • Bill Lofton, Interim Senior Associate AD
  • Thomas Nenon, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
  • Melanie S Murry, Office of Legal Counsel
  • John M. Ryall, Office of Legal Counsel
  • Michelle Wiley, Office of the President