Related Offices

Internal Audit

Audit, accounting and fraud investigation professionals whose combined education and experience include accounting, management, finance, consulting, information systems and fraud investigations.

Legal Counsel

Provides timely and competent legal assistance to all areas of The University of Memphis to assist The University in accomplishing its mission.

Government Relations

Responsible for representing the University of Memphis as the liaison for elected officials at all levels of government.

Faculty Senate

Serves as a forum for the formulation of faculty opinion, a university-wide voice for faculty views, and the primary vehicle for faculty participation in university governance.

Staff Senate

Serves as a representative within the university and college units. The Staff Senate serves as an advisory body to promote the general welfare of the University, as well as act as a communication vehicle for University staff members.

The Office of Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research supports data-driven decisions by compiling and analyzing information about the University for the President, the Provost, the University community, and external agencies.

Office for Institutional Equity

The Office for Institutional Equity monitors the University's policy on equal opportunity and affirmative action in employment and education.

Corporate Partnerships & Economic Development

Large organizations can be hard to navigate, so we created a "one stop shop" for you to get the answers you need and to create the connections that will move your company forward.

Faculty Athletics Committee

Serves as the faculty advisory group to the President on institutional issues related to intercollegiate athletics.