Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tigerbuy?
Tigerbuy is the University's new on-line bidding and eprocurement system.

I am already a registered vendor; do I have to register in Tigerbuy?
If you registered with the University prior to November 13, 2006, you will need to register through Tigerbuy to receive bid opportunities. Register here.

If I need additional information regarding the Tigerbuy initiative, whom do I contact?
Submit questions/comments to purchasing@memphis.edu or contact a Procurement staff member at 901.678.2265.

What is the bid threshold?
$50,000 and above – sealed bid solicited from a minimum of 15 vendors or the number of vendors on the University vendor list.
$10,000 - $49,999 – informal bid solicited from a minimum of 3 qualified vendors.

Do you make exceptions for late bids?

As a University employee, how do I gain access to Tigerbuy?
To gain access to Tigerbuy, potential users must attend a two-hour training course to learn how to navigate and use the system.

The Tigerbuy training session is intended for members to learn the available functionality of Tigerbuy. Roles and permissions will be assigned based on Banner security. Requisitioners (Non-Approvers or Tigerbuy Requester) will learn to create purchase requisitions, and individuals who are a Financial Manager, Designee or Approver in Banner Finance will be provided access to create purchase requisitions, approve requisitions and enter receivers for payment of invoices.

All participants should have access to Banner Finance before scheduling this training. Select the link below to request access to Business and Finance data and transactions in Banner.

Upon completing the class:

  • Users who already have access to Banner Finance will automatically be granted access to the Tigerbuy production environment.
  • Users who do not have Banner Finance access must submit the form Request for B&F System Access with the appropriate signatures.

Registration for Tigerbuy training is available online at LEARNING CURVE.

As a University employee, how do I enter the Tigerbuy system?
The Tigerbuy system is accessible through the myMemphis portal. Users who attend training will be guided through the process of adding the SciQuest Higher Markets channel to their portal while in class. If the channel is removed from your portal, you may add it through the Content/Layout screen of your portal.

As a University employee, how do I receipt items?
Authorized approvers can enter receipts only when the goods or services are satisfactorily received and ready for payment.

Note: Entering a receipt in Tigerbuy is "approval for payment." All invoices are supposed to be sent to Accounting; however, if a user receives the invoice, user should indicate the PO number on the invoice and forward it to Accounting (there is no need to stamp and sign the invoice).