Graduate Student Coordinating Committee

The GSCC is comprised of psychology graduate students motivated to represent their fellow students in department-wide issues. Student elections for the GSCC representatives are held annually.

The GSCC provides up to 3 votes in faculty meetings and is primarily in charge of the distribution of travel funds to other graduate students in the Psychology Department. Other major responsibilities include the organization of orientation for new students, planning faculty candidate lunches, planning service events, and promoting student wellness.

The GSCC strives to serve and work alongside other student organizations, including but not limited to the Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity Committee, LGBTQ+ Task Force, ALANA, and LGBTQ+ Affinity Group.

The GSCC aims to promote an environment in the department of inclusion, as well as diversity and cultural humility. All psychology graduate students are welcome to attend monthly meetings. We encourage any graduate student to attend these meetings, as well as to contact us with information about how we can best serve the psychology graduate student body.

Meetings and Minutes

The GSCC attends the faculty, graduate coordinator, and director's meetings. In addition, the GSCC meets once a month and these meetings are open to all graduate students. Information about these meetings is emailed to the graduate student body by the GSCC President. You can find when and where these meetings happen by contacting us.

Please share your thoughts on topics that we will be discussing with your program representatives or any other GSCC members. Additionally, if you would like us to talk about an issue you can contact the president and request that it be placed on the agenda. We also have an anonymous Qualtrics survey open for student feedback and suggestions for agenda items which is emailed to the graduate student body monthly.

GSCC Travel Funds

The GSCC has some funding available for students traveling to Professional Conferences. To see eligibility requirements or to submit an application for funding, please visit the GSCC Travel Funds page.

The GSCC Service Award

This award may be given to one particularly motivated graduate student who stands out in his/her service to the department. The recipient of the GSCC Service Award must be nominated by fellow students. A plaque is given to the recipient paid for with GSCC funds at the end of the semester awards ceremony.

The GSCC Faculty Appreciation Award

This award recognizes one psychology full-time faculty member for going the extra mile in their service, support, and guidance to graduate students.

GSCC Newsletter

The GSCC regularly releases a newsletter.

Procedures for complaints and concerns

We understand that most people don't often register formal complaints, so we would like to extend the grievance process to include general concerns as well as specific issues that people may have. For more information, please visit the complaint/concern page.

GSCC Officers:

President: Margaret Fahey
Vice President: Rivian Lewin
Secretary: Lauren Schenck
Webmaster/Archivist: Andrew Voss
Treasurer: Qian Li
Service Representative: Taylor Napier
Wellness Representative: Rachel Younger
Clinical Representative: Rebecca Zakarian
Experimental Representative: Anna Vongphrachanh
MSGP Representative: Hannah Gilliam
School Representative: Jas Bland
Member-At-Large: Lauren Schaefer