Student Successes

We want to recognize the achievements of our MSGP students as they progress through our program. There are too many to list, but here are some recent highlights! 

We have two first-year MSGP students we want to recognize for their outstanding achievements this year!

image 3
  Chance Dow was awarded a $5000 research fellowship from ESPN to explore different experiences with sports betting and the effect of responsible gambling messages for sports media among college students. Chance is a busy member of the Gambling Clinic working under Dr. Rory Pfund. 
image 4 Randy Smith was awarded a Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference Student Travel Award! Randy also WON the Society of Pediatric Psychology Three-Minute Thesis Competition in April! His Presentation title was: The Relations between Cost Delay Discounting, Delay Reward Discounting, and Diabetes-Specific Microaggressions among Children and Adolescents Diagnosed with Type One Diabetes. Randy is working under Dr. Kris Berlin in the Child Health and Illness lab. 


Congratulations on your huge successes Chance and Randy!

In addition to Chance and Randy, we want to recognize other fabulous student achievements:

  • Three of our 2024 graduates will be pursuing doctoral degrees in clinical or school psychology in the fall!
    • Additionally, three of our 2023 graduates are currently enrolled in PhD programs in clinical psychology and school psychology.
    • 65% of our recent graduates completed their MS degree in under 2.5 years! 
  • Our current MSGP students maintain a high level of excellence with an average 3.74 GPA.
  • We have numerous students who have presented exceptional posters and talks at national conferences! (There are too many list here, so come back soon for a link to see all these accomplishments.)
image 8 Corey Jackson and Rachel Stobbe each received the Craig Brown MSGP Program Director Award for their outstanding scholarly achievements and service to the department! Congratulations Corey and Rachel!


  • Our students serve in many leadership roles within their research labs and across the department. Two of our students are currently serving as officers in the PGSA

    • Rachel Stobbe serves as the MSGP representative. 
    • Sharoderick Lowe serves as the PGSA secretary. 

Thank you, Rachel, and Sharoderick, for your service!